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Body Construct was created by Lori-Ann Marchese, "The Transformer" - named by Muscle & Fitness HERS, Owner & Master Trainer, in 2012 with the mission to help women become stronger, more confident and happier with their lives - both physically & mentally. Lori-Ann designed a fitness program that has 100 percent focus on all women's body's needs, while providing an inspiring and positive atmosphere.

Our programs are created to challenge a woman's body in a highly motivating and comfortable environment. With every workout session customized and personalized by Lori-Ann herself, your body will consistently be pushed to new levels, helping you gain strength and confidence to crush your goals. For those looking for a personal trainer but can't afford spending thousands of dollars, Body Construct will give you that personalized experience with group training at an affordable cost.

Body Construct designs new workout routines daily with sculpting techniques so you are properly training to get the best results for your body. All you have to do is show up to class and we will take care of the rest. Never worry again about what to do; we train women of ALL ages from every aspect of life no matter what your goals may be!

Lori-Ann has been involved with fitness since the age of sixteen, and it quickly became one of the most important entities of her life. Lori-Ann is a Fitness Expert and is declared as one of the world's top trainers. The Women's Division is targeted to cater to Women. As Lori-Ann has experienced endless forms of exercise, she discovered a variation that worked best for her and other women and strives to share her passion and help transform lives. 

Step out of your comfort zone and let’s make that change. 


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